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Series: The History of Russian Aviation

"The obverse"
"The reverse"


in the centre - the emblem of the Bank of Russia [the two-headed eagle with wings down, under it - the semicircular inscription "БАНК РОССИИ" (BANK OF RUSSIA)] framed by a circle of dots and inscriptions along the rim - on top: "ОДИН РУБЛЬ" (ONE RUBLE), below: to the left - indications of the precious metal and its fineness, in the centre - the year of issue "2012 г." (2012), to the right - the fine metal content and the mint trade mark.


in the centre of the disc on the light field - the screw monoplane-aircraft flying with right-sided list, the color of the segment of the disc over it is turning smoothly from light to aquamarine, under the aircraft on the aquamarine half-segment on a light quadrangle - the horizontal inscription: "И-16" (I-16), below along the rim - inscriptions, to the left: "ИСТОРИЯ" (THE HISTORY), on bottom and to the right on the aquamarine part of the field: "РУССКОЙ АВИАЦИИ" (OF RUSSIAN AVIATION).


The artist and sculptor: А.А. Brynsa.
Mint: Saint Petersburg Mint (CПМД).
The edge: 200 corrugations.

Denomination 1 ruble
Quality Proof
Metal, fineness Silver 925/1000
Total weight, g 8,53 (±0,09)
Fine metal
content not less than, g
Diameter, mm 25,00 (±0,20)
Thickness, mm 2,20 (±0,20)
Mintage, pcs 5000

Date of Issue: 01/03/2012
Catalogue number: 5109-0104

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