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The Republic of Khakasia

Series: The Russian Federation

"The obverse"
"The reverse"


in the center of the disc – the indication of the face value of the coin «10 РУБЛЕЙ» (10 RUBLES). Inside of the figure «0» – hidden pictures of the figure «10» and of the inscription «РУБ» (RUB) visible by turns on changing angle of vision. In the lower part of the disc – the mint trade mark. In the upper part of the ring – the inscription along the rim: «БАНК РОССИИ» (BANK OF RUSSIA), in the lower one – the year of issue «2007 г.» (2007), to the left and to the right – stylized twigs of plants going over to the disc.


the image of the coat of arms of the Republic of Khakasia. The inscriptions along the rim: above – «РОССИЙСКАЯ ФЕДЕРАЦИЯ» (THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION), below – «РЕСПУБЛИКА ХАКАСИЯ» (THE REPUBLIC OF KHAKASIA).


The artist: A.D. Schablykin.
The sculptor: A.I. Molostov.
St. Petersburg Mint (СПМД).
The edge: 300 corrugations and the inscription «ДЕСЯТЬ РУБЛЕЙ» (TEN RUBLES) recurring twice and divided by asterisks.

Denomination 10 rubles
Quality UNC
Alloy: ring/disk brass/cupronickel
Total weight, g
Fine metal
content not less than, g
Diameter, mm 27,0
Thickness, mm
Mintage, pcs 10000000

Date of Issue: 02/07/2007
Catalogue number: 5514-0045

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