ARCHIVE. Last updated: 27.03.2020. Up-to-date information is available on the Bank of Russia website (current version).

Organisational Structure

Bank of Russia Head Office Structure

Allocation of duties between the Bank of Russia Governor and Deputy Governors

Structure of the Bank of Russia’s head office

  • Bank of Russia Governor

    • First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

      Olga Skorobogatova

      • National Payment System Department

        Alla Bakina
      • Information Technology Department

        Zulfiya Kakhrumanova
      • Cash Circulation Department

        Alexander Lakhtikov
      • Financial Technology Department

        Ivan Zimin
      • Project and Processes Department

        Valery Kazarin
      • Russian Union of Cash Collection Divisions

        Oleg Krylov
      • Bank of Russia Nudol Technological Centre

        Andrey Mashkin
    • First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

      Sergey Shvetsov

      • Financial Market Strategy Department

        Vasily Medvedev (acting head)
      • Corporate Affairs Department

        Elena Kuritsyna
      • Department for Financial Institutions’ Market Access and Termination of Their Activities

        Lyudmila Tyazhelnikova
      • Department for Countering Misconduct

        Valeriy Lyakh
      • Service for Consumer Protection and Financial Inclusion

        Mikhail Mamuta
    • First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

      Dmitry Tulin

      • Banking Supervision Support Department

        Alexander Danilov
      • Banking Regulation Department

        Alexey Lobanov
      • Financial Resolution Department

        Alexander Zhdanov
    • Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

      Olga Polyakova

      • Systemically Important Banks Supervision Department

        Mikhail Kovrigin
      • Service for ongoing banking supervision

        Bogdan Shablya
    • Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia — Head of the Bank of Russia Chief Inspection

      Reports to Dmitry Tulin regarding inspections of credit institutions
      Reports to Vladimir Chistyukhin regarding inspections of non-bank financial institutions

      Vladimir Safronov
    • First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

      Ksenia Yudaeva

      • Financial Stability Department

        Elizaveta Danilova
      • Statistics and Data Management Department

        Ekaterina Prokunina
      • Research and Forecasting Department

        Alexander Morozov
      • International Cooperation Department

        Andrey Lipin (until 06.03.2020 inclusive)
      • Reports Processing Department

        Olga Goncharova
      • Risk Analysis Service

        Alexander Dymov
    • Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

      Ruslan Vesterovskiy

      • Human Resources Department

        Pavel Pankin
      • Procurement Department of the Bank of Russia

        Mariya Timoshenko (acting head)
      • Real Estate Department

        Vadim Tarasov
      • The Bank of Russia University

        Andrey Afonin
    • Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

      Dmitry Skobelkin

      • Financial Monitoring and Foreign Exchange Control Department

        Ilya Yasinskiy
      • Security Department

        Reports to the Bank of Russia Governor regarding certain questions
        Sergey Petrishchev
      • Information Security Department

        Vadim Uvarov
      • Bank of Russia Interregional Security Centre

        Yury Bocharov
      • The Representative Office of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (the Bank of Russia) in the People’s Republic of China in Beijing

        Vladimir Danilov
    • Deputy Governor of the Bank Of Russia

      Vladimir Chistyukhin

      • Securities Market and Commodity Market Department

        Larisa Selyutina
      • Collective Investment and Trust Management Department

        Kirill Pronin
      • Insurance Market Department

        Philipp Gabunia
      • Microfinance Market Department

        Ilya Kochetkov
    • Monetary Policy Department

      Alexey Zabotkin
    • Market Operations Departament

      Alexander Kashturov
    • Legal Department

      Alexey Guznov
    • Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

      Andrey Kruzhalov

      • Accounting Regulation Department

        Maria Voloshina
      • Chief Accountant — Director of Accounting and Reporting Department

        Irina Granovskaya
      • Market Services Department

        Andrey Popov
      • Financial Department

        Olga Solodukhina
      • Field Institutions Department

        Oleg Belenko
      • Administrative Department

        Sergey Yakushin
    • Bank of Russia Chief Auditor

      Valery Goreglyad

      • Internal Auditing Department

        Nikolay Surikov
    • Bank of Russia Executive Office

      Vladimir Zhuchkov
    • Public Relations Department

      Marina Ryklina
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