ARCHIVE. Last updated: 27.03.2020. Up-to-date information is available on the Bank of Russia website (current version).

Reverse REPO Auctions

The series has been discontinued.

Data found from 27/02/2003 to 07/10/2004.

Auction Date Weighted average rate, % p. a. Marginal rate, % p. a. Duration, days Registered Number of Security, provided as a collateral Bids (Market Value), mln. Rub. Funds Obtained, mln. Rub. Weighted Average Price, % Cut-off Price, % Amount On Offer (Par), mln. Rub. Buyback date
07/10/2004 4.97 5.00 160 SU46007RMFS 499.89 138.87 97.866 97.856 19,700.000 17/03/2005

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