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Economic Research Competition for Undergraduate&Graduate Students and PhD Fellows-2020

Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Bank of Russia Working Paper Series


The role of global relative price changes in international comovement of inflation

Optimal monetary and macroprudential policies for financial stability in a commodity-exporting economy

Productivity Convergence Trends Within Russian Industries: Firm-Level Evidence

What measures of real economic activity slack are helpful for forecasting Russian inflation?

Firms’ Efficiency, Exits and Government Procurement Contracts

Effects of terms of trade shocks on the Russian economy

Truncated priors for tempered hierarchical Dirichlet process vector autoregression

Idiosyncratic shocks: estimation and the impact on aggregate fluctuations

Disinflation and reliability of underlying inflation measures

The finer points of model comparison in machine learning: forecasting based on the Russian banks' data

Financial Stability Implications of Policy Mix in a Small Open Commodity-Exporting Economy

Deep Integration in the Eurasian Economic Union: What are the Benefits of Successful Implementation or Wider Liberalization?

Do sterilized foreign exchange interventions create money?

Analytical Notes


Why industrial companies are shunning investment: survey results


Industrial sector productivity: growth drivers

The nature of companies’ inflation expectations: survey results

Foreign exchange reserves and money supply


Two Russian credit booms and current expansion of mortgage lending: lessons for policymaking

Texts of economic news: a useful addition to official statistics?

Impact of the fiscal manoeuvre on GDP growth: estimation of short-term effects using fiscal multipliers

Regional heterogeneity of household lending based on the findings of the household finance survey: regional features and potential risks

Industry specifics of liquidity dependence in Russia and vulnerability to financial shocks

Companies look ahead to 2018 with conservative optimism: survey results

Macroeconomic Bulletins

Bulletin ‘Talking Trends’

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