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The Financial Sector Computer Emergency Response Team (FinCERT) has been established as part of the Directorate General for Security and Information Protection of the Bank of Russia.

Review of transactions not authorised by customers for 2019

Typical form of an agreement on the interaction of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation on countering computer attacks

Guidelines for the Advancement of Information Security in the Financial Sector for 2019–2021

Our primary goal is to:

establish a competence center for the purposes of the exchange of information between the Bank of Russia, banks and non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs), integrator companies, anti-virus software vendors and communications service providers and operators, and specifically for law enforcement and other public authorities overseeing cyber security across the industry. The exchange of information is intended to coordinate the efforts to prevent and deter the activities of perpetrators seeking personal enrichment by means of unauthorized access to the IT infrastructure of organizations supervised by the Bank of Russia, as well as through payment technology vulnerabilities.

Therefore, the objectives are to:

  • organize and coordinate the exchange of information between the FinCERT, law enforcement authorities, banks and NBFIs;
  • analyze data about cyber-attacks on banks and NBFIs and prepare analytics;
  • issue information protection guidelines for the safe transfer of funds.

Exchange of Information

Any legal entity may participate in the exchange of information provided that it:

  • engages in financial activities and is duly registered with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (holds a relevant licence)
  • is a software and hardware vendor providing information protection solutions;

  • engages in other information protection activities, primarily in the credit and finance area.

Your participation is voluntary. If you are willing to participate in the exchange of information, please complete the Member Form and send your request marked ‘Exchange of Information’ at

Please fill in the fields of the ‘Member Form’ to the extent possible. The contact details of the responsible persons should include an email address and a phone number for communication.

For any further questions, please call the FinCERT team on  +7(495)772-70-90 or send an email at

SHA-1 fingerprint of the digital signature public key

04 40 b9 ab 7a 9c 4d 06 14 36 d1 c4 f1 1e bc 2b b1 56 ad 6e f2 ce ed 81 7a 8a 8a 71 37 7f ba d0 ff ab a9 01 f3 77 f9 23 7f 4a 5a fc dd 9c 48 a8 61 60 f0 2b 43 da 6f 50 8b a4 ca e3 c4 ac b7 39 f5 3c


If you are a natural person, you can contact the Online Reception of the Bank of Russia at


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