ARCHIVE. Last updated: 27.03.2020. Up-to-date information is available on the Bank of Russia website (current version).

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imgPayment restructuring due to coronavirus spread: Bank of Russia’s measures25/03/2020

imgNew issue of the Russian Journal of Money and Finance: Measuring stress in the financial system and using machine learning in forecasting24/03/2020

imgFebruary sees positive trend for deposits23/03/2020

imgCyber security under quarantine: Bank of Russia recommendations23/03/2020

imgStatement by Bank of Russia Governor Elvira Nabiullina in follow-up to Board of Directors meeting 20 March 202020/03/2020

imgNumber of escrow accounts in shared construction increases by more than 11,000 in February19/03/2020

imgShare of active cards increase from 50 to 70 per cent in five years19/03/2020

img28<sup>th</sup> annual catalogue of commemorative and investment coins of Russia released19/03/2020

imgBank of Russia commentary on liquidity provision operations19/03/2020

imgBank of Russia commentary on FX operations related to the acquisition of Sberbank shares by the National Wealth Fund19/03/2020

imgNational payment system participants to use personal accounts17/03/2020

imgBank of Russia Governor to hold a press conference in the follow-up to Board of Directors meeting on 20 March 202017/03/2020

imgBank of Russia website to be updated on 21 March17/03/2020

imgBank of Russia cancels International Financial congress 202016/03/2020

imgCredit institutions: new requirements for operational risk rate calculation developed16/03/2020

imgBank of Russia reminds about preventive measures in using payment methods16/03/2020

imgInflation down in February, however inflation risk balance shifts in March13/03/2020

imgBank of Russia commentary on liquidity provision operations13/03/2020

imgMortgages and housing affordability: analytical note12/03/2020

imgVolatility in financial markets surges in February12/03/2020

imgScope of specialised depositories’ activity may be expanded: Bank of Russia’s consultation paper10/03/2020

imgNumber of investors in equity market doubles in 201910/03/2020

imgOverall debt of businesses and households increases in January10/03/2020

imgMoney transfers in Faster Payments System planned to be increased to 2 million rubles10/03/2020

imgBank of Russia commentary on temporary regulatory easing for banks due to coronavirus spread10/03/2020

imgBank of Russia commentary on liquidity provision operations10/03/2020

imgBank of Russia commentary on operations under fiscal rule10/03/2020

imgBank of Russia commentary on operations under fiscal rule09/03/2020

imgInsurance market: main trends in 201906/03/2020

imgManaging conflicts of interest of management companies and specialised depositories: regulator’s requirements04/03/2020

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