ARCHIVE. Last updated: 27.03.2020. Up-to-date information is available on the Bank of Russia website (current version).

Terms for the Distribution of Bank of Russia Publications

Bank of Russia publications are distributed free of charge using the lists compiled on the basis of applications received by the Bank of Russia Press Service and approved by the Bank of Russia management. Publications are sent to legislative, executive and judicial bodies, to mass media agencies, embassies and representations of foreign states, international financial institutions, research and educational institutions, public associations and libraries, both in Moscow and in regions.

Institutions seeking to receive Bank of Russia publications are welcome to apply to the Bank of Russia Press Service at the address: 12 Neglinnaya str., Moscow 107016. Our contact telephone is 8 (495) 771-91-64.

Distribution of Bank of Russia publications by subscription is performed by a publisher, who wins in the tender to publish and distribute information periodicals issued by the Bank of Russia. Following the results of 2012 tender current publisher is CJSC Business News Agency PRIME. Contact number: 8 (495) 974-76-64.

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