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The Bank of Russia compiles and publishes statistical data in accordance with Article 4 of Federal Law of 10 July 2002 No. 86-FZ “On the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia)” (as amended) and Federal Law of 29 November 2007 No. 282-FZ “On the Official Statistical Accounting and State Statistics System in the Russian Federation” (as amended).

Publication of statistical data by the Bank of Russia is aimed at providing a wide range of users with credible, timely, consistent, publicly accessible information which underlies the Bank of Russia’s decisions on the monetary policy, the development and strengthening of the banking system, the development and promotion of stability of the financial market and the national payment system while being useful to economic agents at the time of decision making.

The Section contains the Bank of Russia’s statistical data which comprehensively characterize relations between the residents of the country and non-residents, the role of the banking sector and non-bank financial institutions in the Russian economy, the status of the financial market and that of the national payment system, monetary operations and the methodology for their development. The information is represented on a nationwide scale and when applicable by federal district and constituent territory of the Russian Federation.

Compilation of statistical data by the Bank of Russia is guided by international principles of methodological consistency, comparability and integrity, accuracy and reliability, serviceability and accessibility of data, and also by the commitment to protect the confidentiality of reported data.

While compiling statistical data, the Bank of Russia employs official statistical methodology which complies with international standards and principles of official statistical accounting, as well as with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Principal global indicators

Pursuant to Clause 3 of Article 19 and Clause 3 of Article 20 of Federal Law of 9 February 2009 No. 8-FZ “On Providing Access to Information on Activities of State and Local Government Authorities” the Bank of Russia has the right not to provide the requested information when such information is available on its Internet website. Responding to such a request, the Bank of Russia may just provide a link to the official website where the requested information is posted.

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